Friday, June 25, 2010


Well, tomorrow is the beginning of the adventure. To the left is the banner that Dylan and I will present to the people of the Lutheran parish in Matimba, Rwanda. It was designed by Michael and Natalie Jones, and crafted by Linda Mathews. The attendees of VBS are gathered around it to send it off to our brothers and sisters in Matimba!

We're also taking a laptop computer for Pastor Ruhinda - a huge need for him that will help his communication greatly. Also, some money to apply to their fundraising for a piano for their church. The generosity of the people of Advent, as well as many people in the Sierra Pacific Synod, have made this trip and these gifts possible. Thank you to everyone.

Now, to pack, and run some last minute errands, before the final night of VBS and the Baobab Blast tonight! See you back here soon!

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