Tuesday, July 13, 2010

some more pictures...

The falls on the Tanzanian border. Because the soil is red, the falls are orange-ish. Very cool. And this is the dry season...apparently even more impressive in the wet season!

Dylan and I at the welcome sign on the southern Tanzanian border.

The river behind the church at Kagitumba. We hiked through the church's cornfield for this spectacular view.

The interior of the church at Matimba. At 2:00 on a Tuesday afternoon, many people came to welcome us, to sing and to dance, and to exchange gifts.

The youth, dancing traditional Rwandan dance.

The people of Matimba parish, with the banner the people of Advent sent.

The chancel area of Matimba Parish

The town of Matimba - it is about 3,000 people, and one of the largest towns in the district.

Pastor Ruhinda (center) - pastor of Matimba Lutheran Parish, sister parish to Advent, Citrus Heights; a church elder (left) and her daughter.

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