Tuesday, July 13, 2010


The Kigali Memorial Centre: where the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and other genocides in history are commemorated and remembered.

Each of these vaults is 9-10 meters deep, with coffins stacked on top each other. As genocide victims are found, they are cleaned, put in coffin and buried with dignity. Victims are still being found. Currently over 280,000 people are buried at the Kigali Memorial Centre.

The flame at the Memorial Centre is lit every April 7, and burns for 100 days, the length of the 1994 genocide.

At the new site of the Rwamagana Lutheran School. They are hoping for opening in January, 2011.

The classroom building at Rwamagana Lutheran School. We, along with the current students and teachers, moved rock, painted, cleaned and organizing the books for the library.

The Rwandan countryside. Beautiful. It is currently the dry season, so it is getting browner, and is dusty, but the trees and shrubbery are lush and green.

Two young boys hauling water along the road in Rwamagana.

Kigali Lutheran Church. We worshiped here July 4, and I was honored to serve communion. Truly one of the most moving experiences of my life.

A mix of the older and newer. Traditional Rwandan houses in the foreground, and newer homes on the hillside in the distance.

The clinic in Mumeya. Through community organizing the people of the area determined they needed a health clinic that was more accessible than crossing the river into Burundi or walking 45K to the nearest clinic in Rwanda. This is the first building, and more are planned and in the works.

The foundations for future clinic buildings at Mumeya Health clinic.

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